Cough Cough Cough. Sniff.

This is the second time now that I have blogged from a hospital room.  We are still in Dallas and the festivities have, um, pittered out.  Last week my mom, dad, Stu and Blake all seemed to be coming down with an annoying cold that has turned out to be some sort of respiratory infection.  Besides the nerve wracking cough, it has affected everyone differently.  Mom has been put in the hospital, because she’s been having some problems with shortness of breath for a few months (probably related to her heart condition), and the cold has made everything much, much worse.  She can hardly catch her breath.  These hospital stints usually leave my sister in quite a lurch because she’s the only sibling close enough to help quickly-so I was happy that I was finally here to help, even if it did mean changing a plane ticket.  Well, it’s a good thing I changed the plane ticket because Blake’s “minor” ear infection took a turn for the worse the day we put mom in the hospital.  It has been very frightening watching him become so lethargic and his fever so high.  His coughing fits have exhausted him and they seem to hurt so bad.  At the urging of my pediatritian in MD, (after 2 unsuccessful doctor’s visits here, I’ll spare you the details, you’re welcome), we spent the day yesterday at the pediatric ER down the street from my mom’s hospital.  So I haven’t really been all that helpful to Daina.  Choosing between your sick baby and your sick mother is pretty heart wrenching.  Yesterday Stu’s mother came over to Dallas to help with Blake, so I spent the night with mom last night. 

This is what I would like to discuss today.  🙂  However, I think my overnight hospital adventure will probably be in a future blog.  I have a more important realization. 

If you know me, you know that I get sick all the time.  If there’s something to be caught, I catch it.  It’s a running joke between Stu and I.  I don’t know why God sometimes allows things to happen to us that seem really bad, like my mom and Blake being so sick.  I do know that he makes no assurances that we won’t go through bad things.  I also know that he promises to be with us and offer his grace, comfort, and peace during difficult times.  I am a recipient!

That being said, there has been a great blessing in all this.  I am still not sick.  This seems impossible, but I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that He has given me the strength to get through this with a healthy body.  There have been too many people to take care of for me to be sick too, and I am so grateful that I have been healthy this week.   Now, I might crash soon.  I’m even starting to feel a suspicious tickle in my throat as we speak, but things are calming down now.  And I can bear it.


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