As they shouted out with glee….

So it’s official, I have failed the December blog challenge.  I have a doctor’s note for my first absence, but the second absence was due to sheer laziness (and lack of material).  My third absence was due to hot date night with Stu.

We have the bestest friends anyone could have.  When we moved to Maryland I used to tell Stuart that we could never have kids because we have no help, and even though we have had great friends here, there’s nothing like family, right?  Well let me tell you, when God takes you somewhere, He will provide for your needs.  We asked, He answered.  Brian and Kelli have adopted us (and us them) into their family and I can truly say they will always be that to us.  They love our son and he loves them.  Those of you with kids know the peace you have when you are sure your kids are being left in a place they are happy.  Blake is so happy there.  And last night, he spent the night there.  Stu and I had a full night and morning alone together.  Now those of you who have grandparents down the street may get to feel this temporary “freedom” on a regular basis, but this was the first time for us in 14 months (not that the Hillmars haven’t been trying to get him for months :-)).  It was super fun.  But I’m sure glad to have my boy back here with me.

Now, you can enjoy a random video taken a few days ago.  Stu jumps out from around corners and scares the daylights out of Blake on a regular basis.  And Blake loves it.  The more startled he is, the better.  They had just finished playing, and I was going to get B to do his animal noises, but he still wanted to play.  And Daddy obliged.


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