A long winter’s nap

Blake was up early today, so it’s going to be a 2 nap day.  Or so I thought.  He’s phasing out the 2 nap thing.  Or something.  He’s been in bed since 9:30.  At 10 I went and changed a poopie diaper. And now it’s almost 11.  He’s talking away up there.  He’s supposed to be done with nap 1 so we can be out and about, getting done with the 15 things I was supposed to do today.  So, I could just run up there and get him, but if he hasn’t napped yet, he’s going to be super fun today.  If it’s a 1 nap day, then he needs to go back down by 1.   If he falls asleep now, he’ll sleep for 2 or 3 hours.  I’m never leaving this house today.  It’s a good thing I like my house.  It’s a good thing I have the internet.


One thought on “A long winter’s nap

  1. the light at the end of the “down to one nap” tunnel is that the nap is usually really long. like 3-3.5 hours. so you get a lot more done in the mornings if you need to get out and then they sleep all afternoon. of course, then, if you are me, you have another baby and have a 3 a day napper mixed with your 1 a day napper. that can get tricky. but very worth it!

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