Halleluja everybody say cheese…

…Merry Christmas from the family. If you recognize those lyrics, then this wedding theme might not surprise you. If you don’t know this song and you love me, you should look it up. It might just be my most favoritist homestyle Christmas songs.

Only in the Great State of Texas can a tractor be so prized that it becomes a wedding theme. These are some pictures of my second cousin’s wedding. She’s a pretty John Deere bride at a pretty John Deere wedding. In a barn. Guests sat on bails of hay, and sunflowers decorated the barn. I miss Texas.



Besides it being a unique wedding theme, riding the John Deere for the first time with his Big Daddy was quite a milestone for Blake. His first ride was in June of 2008. Yeehaw.



One thought on “Halleluja everybody say cheese…

  1. If you’re gonna do a theme wedding, go all out. That’s what I say.

    And it looks like Blake is quite at home on a tractor 🙂

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