What child is this…

…who is challenging my non-existent nursing capabilities?  I do not do gore, blood, pain, gross things of a biological nature.  Actually, I take that back.  Obviously, based on this blog and this one, I do gore.  But you will also see that I will nearly pass out when faced with the combination of gore and pain.  You’ll have to just trust me on this because it’s difficult to explain why some things have caused me to faint and I can tolerate others.

Anyways, all that to say that we had some problems with Blake’s dressing today, which was supposed to stay on until Monday, and it was causing him a lot of pain.  So I called the surgeon and spoke with the nurse and she calmly told me that it was ok to go ahead and take it off.  Kelli is my witness, I nearly fell out of my chair.  I’m going to save you the grief of hearing my entire freakout.

In the end, Stuart came home to do it, with the assistance of our dear, dear friends, Brian, Kelli, and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Thank you, thank you God, it came off pretty easily.  And it was a good thing, the poor baby had a blister where it was rubbing him raw.  And now I have to control my wobbly knees every time I need to care for him.  Deep breaths.

This was not, my friends, a Mother of the Year moment.  Father of the Year, could be.

But man, we have good friends.


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