Joy to the World!

And to Columbia.  I love how Christmas makes everyone a little cheerier, even in Columbia.  If you read yesterday’s blog you’ll see that I was having kind of a frazzled day.  Before bedtime, and after the dressing freakout, I realized we were out of milk for his bottle and we needed more Vaseline to treat his incision.  So I run off to the store in the very cold rain.  I get all the way there-to checkout- when I realize I don’t have my wallet.  I keep my wallet in my diaperbag, so this as happened before on the rare occasion I go somewhere without B.  So here I am, literally the woman at the store who needs milk for her baby (and Vaseline).  I almost cried.  I must have looked like an idiot.

Then kind lady behind me paid for my stuff!  I thanked her profusely, and she simply said, “Merry Christmas”.  Last night I was thinking how I wish I could pay her back and decided I could go with the pay it forward theory.  So this week, feel free to join me in finding someway to help someone pitiful like me.  My  Christian radio station is doing some kind of pay for the person’s food behind you in the drive-thru campaign.  I’m pretty sure they had a catchier name for it, but whatever.  So that’s an idea.  Let me know if you do someting, and I’ll keep you posted too!  Spread the joy!  Hurry, go!


2 thoughts on “Joy to the World!

  1. That just happened to me the other day. Except i was 90 cents short. i only had the money that was in my pocket cause i had forgotten my wallet as well. The lady behind me said i have the change……here take it and have a blessed day.

    jason and i did decide to get a few giftcards from walmart or heb and go to a few low lying houses that and give them to people in need. hopeing to see a smile that we usually don’t see on their face when we see them in town. it’s a small town so we see the same people often.

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