God Rest Ye Merry Littleman

We are home tonight after a big, long day.  My sweet boy had outpatient surgery today, and everything went beautifully.  We were at Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center in Baltimore, and I have to say, they knocked my socks off.  That place runs like a well oiled machine.  Everyone was fantastic, from the woman at reception, down to every single nurse we dealt with.  BTW- 3 cheers for nurses!!  You guys make these experiences bearable!  We’ve been dealing with alot of County Hospital Confusion in the past few years and I’m thinking I am a new fan of Hopkins.  

We had to leave the house super early this morning, and we prayed together before we stepped out of the house.  Thank goodness, because things moved quickly after that.  We had a wait of about 2 hours from when we were told to arrive until the scheduled procedure, but it all flew by as each person came and did their jobs one by one.   They were so great with Blake, and though he suspected something was amuck, he was pretty jolly. 


They let me dress out and carry him into the OR, and I was able to hold him until they had him asleep.  This gave me an opportunity to pray for him again.  This part was hard, because he really fought the mask.  Just when I thought my motherly whisperings has consoled him, they told me he was asleep.  So much for that pat on the back.  This proved to be the first of several incidences where I thought I had saved the day only to find that the drugs had kicked in.  Anyways the procedure only took about 30 minutes and the doctor came out to tell us that all was well and lots of medical things.  Blake woke up too quickly from the anesthesia so they had to put him back to sleep.  This is how he wakes up in his crib.  He goes from sound asleep to standing in a split second.  They were trying fruitlessly to calm him when they brought us in and I was only slightly more successful.  As everyone was gearing up to give him all kinds of anti-anxiety and pain meds (because he would NOT calm down), Stu put Bear in the Big Blue House in our portable DVD player.  Hallelujah!!!  He was not in pain, turns out he was mostly just ticked off. 


After he proved that he could hold his juice he was released to his bewildered parents.   They are keeping him heavily medicated for the next few days, so hopefully he will be comfortable.  He certainly seemed to be today. 

The upside to all this is that my usually quite independent boy has been very snuggly.  We’ve done alot of cuddling, which does my heart good after being so concerned for him this morning. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and concern guys, we’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “God Rest Ye Merry Littleman

  1. Well, Hopkins doesn’t have a reputation of excellence for nothing.
    Plus, I’m sure your maternal prowess did just as much as the drugs.
    i.e.: It’s finals week. Gimme some of those anti-anxiety pills.

  2. I can understand how nervous you must have been. Cooper had his adnoids when he was 1 1/2 years old and I was super nervous but everything went wonderful. He recooperated well and didn’t really need his pain meds the next day which was a good thing cause it had the reverse effect on him. Instead of relaxing him while easing the pain it reeved him up. Anyways some good ole anitibiotics and he was good to go in about 3 days. Hope your little tyke pulls through. With all the prayers I’m sure he will be wonderful!

  3. I am so happy that all went well with Blake. He is in our prayers!! Call me and give me details!! By the way that dinner you made the other night and blogged look absolutely fab!! Miss you and love you!

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