December Blog Challenge

My old friend (and now internet buddy), Jamie, has issued a challenge, and since I was personally invited to participate, I will.  It’s the December Blog Challenge.

Here are her instructions:

Beginning Monday, December 8, blog each day for two weeks and make the title of your post either a title or a line from a Christmas song. We will wrap it up on Monday, December 22.

I hope she’s ok with me informally inviting my blog world (and with short notice-sorry).  But she’s in charge so click on the link to her blog and let her know if you want to participate.  Tell her you’re with the band.

I suppose she thought we all didn’t have enough to do this December. 🙂

Anyhow, I am going to try but I don’t know what tomorrow holds (who does?).  Seriously though, my baby is having outpatient surgery tomorrow at Johns Hopkins.  It is a minor procedure (that I won’t discuss publicly, but if you’re friends with me and want to know I don’t mind telling you about it at all), but he has to be completely under.  My super duper BFF is an anesthesiologist and has been spending a great deal of time consulting and calming me regarding this and I am so thankful for Blake’s Aunt Coco.  We would very much appreciate your prayers for peace and quick healing tomorrow morning and this week.  Hopefully my first entry in the challenge will be a good report!


3 thoughts on “December Blog Challenge

  1. Of course, all are welcome. Any friend of yours, internet or otherwise, is a friend of mine. and i’d like to make it clear that i am a friend that you have known a long time, not an “old” friend. i am quite young and the wrinkles are only just beginning to show.

    can’t wait to hear a good report about tomorrow and what song you will use for the title!

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