We’re with the band

Ok, so I was writing out this long, tedious blog to try to explain our whole night of excitement at the concert, but even I was bored. So let’s fast forward and cut to the chase. We got a great parking spot, hung out on the tour bus and with Reba and Kelly’s band, got to catch up with an old friend-Jason (who made this whole adventure possible btw. thanks!!), got in the back entrance and avoided swarming crowds, got the VIP backstage tour, and got to shake hands and snap pictures with Reba and Kelly themselves. Now, on to the highlight of my whole night. While backstage waiting to meet Kelly and Reba, this girl walks by with Kate’s haircut (of Jon and Kate plus 8). And I go, “Wow, she has Kate’s haircut (which is being copied unsuccessfully by mothers everywhere). It looks really good.” This birthed a long discussion of the show, and while I’m trying to explain to Jason how fun it is to watch this family potty train and buy “big kid beds”, the girl walks by us again. This time she walks right by our table, and with no restraint I yell, “That IS Kate!!”

This is when I turned into a blubbering idiot. She kind of looked at me and said hi, and I didn’t know what to do. I want a picture, I want to chat, I want to sit with them at the concert and be BFFs. Daina lifted me by the arm and told me to go ask for the picture. She was over there now dealing with the twins (the 6 were not there), one of whom looks like she might be throwing up in a cup. Ah, motherhood. Jon’s sitting with them and I finally get the nerve to say, “Hey, I really don’t want to be one of these people who interrupts because she’s such a big fan, but I can’t help it. I tried, I can’t help it”. She looks a little wary of me, but smiles and concedes.



I think they were there as guests of someone in Reba’s band, so we ended up getting shuffled to the same places. Which was awesome. I ended up getting to talk to Jon for awhile about all kinds of stuff, and Daina chatted it up with Mady and Cara. We talked about parenthood, road trips, Walmart, and the show of course. I asked him about the show where Kate broke down on the plane (they were going to Utah and the plane was diverted 3 hours out of the way). I told him how I cried with her. He said he was the one who happened to be filming that, even the crew had given up by that point. He told me how weird it is for people to know so much about their life, and becoming a celebrity just for living it. Kate was tiny. I really think that’s why I didn’t recognize her at first. She looked like a little miniature of what we see on tv. And she was just like she is on tv. After the concert we got to meet up with Jason and head out the back entrance (this is SO the way to go to a concert btw). When security tried to stop us, we got to point to Jason and be all, “We’re with the band.” We ran into them again back there and Kate kind of threw me a look (I was standing right behind her), and I promptly said, “I am not stalking you, I promise I’m with him.” She laughed and I told her that I forgot to mention how much we love seeing that her and her husband put scriptures up all over their house. “It’s all about controlling my mouth”, she told me. The girls were exhausted and Jon told them to just put on a happy face for a few more minutes as they left. This was because there were people lined up behind ropes at the back entrance waiting to see who would come out of it. They went nuts when the Gosselins came out right behind us, and we totally pretended they were cheering for us. The people are screaming, “It’s Jon and Kate AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!” I looked over at Kate and said, “See I could’ve done that (I totally wanted to).” She thanked me. 🙂

Now, I haven’t mentioned the concert, but I’ll have to save that for another blog. It really was awesome, and had the Jon and Kate sighting not overshadowed it, I would probably be sitting here raving about those 2 songbirds. They really really rocked. I forgot how much I liked me some good old school Reba. And watching Jason in action was pretty cool too. The last time I saw him play was on the stage at Cathedral in the Pines in Beaumont, TX. Now he’s playing for Kelly Clarkson and texting at the same time. Rock on.

This whole experience has made me realize that I’m not as capable of “keeping it cool”, as I thought myself. Stu and I only have about 3 shows that we enjoy watching together, and J&K is one of them. It sparks so many great discussions, gives us parenting ideas, and oddly enough, makes Stuart want tons of kids. When Jon and Kate argue, Stu and Kathy argue. Well, not always, but, yeah.

Let me end with thanking the husbands of Daina (mad props, cause he was with all 3 kids so that my sister could fly to Maryland to play), Kelli, Sara, and me. Good times, good times.

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One thought on “We’re with the band

  1. Hello! Whenever someone sends me a picture for my Jon & Kate fan blog, I always try to investigate who the photo belongs to so that I may give them credit. I tracked the photo back to your site, as I saw it was yours, of Jon & Kate with Kelly & Reba. It is currently on the first page on my fan blog. If you for any reason have an issue with using the photo please give me a shout out jonkatefanpage@gmail.com. If you would like credit for the photo please give me a name to credit it to. And please feel free to enjoy my fan page at http://theanti-gosselinswithoutpity.blogspot.com. I loved reading your story and appreciate it!

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