It makes you appreciate…

So, the baby and his Aunt D are upstairs asleep, napping.  I’m so jealous of people who can nap, because around 10 tonight when everybody is still wanting to party, I will be wanting to go to bed because I didn’t take a nice nap today.  Read back 2 blogs and I’m pretty sure you’ll see me complaining about that. 

Anyways, I was thinking about bedrest today; I think it had something to do with the 2 preggos on Days of Our Lives.  I was pondering about how people on bedrest tend to miss doing the simplest things in life, like being able to go run your own errands, getting out to see other people.  And then I realized how annoyed I usually am with the mundane chores and errands I have to get through in a day.  So I decided today to appreciate being able to do what I do in a day (without being forced to).  How lucky am I??

And while I’m counting my blessings, do you know why my is sister here?  Well, besides that she misses me and wanted to hang out.  Thanks to an old friend, tomorrow we are going to meet Kelly Clarkson and Reba.  Then we are going to see their concert.  I got my hair cut today in case they want me up on stage.  Always be prepared.


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