Mommy insomnia

OK, can anyone else relate to this?  I used to be an awesome sleeper.  I could just place my sleepy head on the pillow and be gone to dreamland in seconds.  Then I had a baby.  And besides being exhausted because a crying infant would wake me up every few hours all night, I now have this new mommy system that is super sensitive to ANY noise.  So Blake sleeps through the night now (except for the occasional bad dream, btw, what’s that about??  Nothing bad ever happens to him thanks to ME) and I can’t.  It takes me hours to fall asleep.  And my poor husband just can’t win.  If I go to bed before him then everything he does wakes me up, walking through the house seems SO loud when I’m trying to fall asleep.  And heaven forbid he uses the ice dispenser.  The other night I must have looked like Miss Hannigan coming around the banister of the stairs yelling at him for it.  The poor guy was just trying to get a drink.  So then he comes to bed with me, so that he doesn’t get in trouble for “tromping around” downstairs.  And then the race begins.  Quite unfortunately, Stu snores.  This was not a problem when I slept well, it’s not really that awful, but now that apparently I’m on high alert for who-knows-what, it seems pretty bad.  So I race him to sleep.  I try to fall asleep before he does, so that the snoring won’t get to me.  Then he wins, starts snoring, I kick him, and we start over.  After several losing rounds on my part, I give in and go to the other bed.  This bums me out.  I like sleeping with my husband (oh, you know what I mean).  But I have to do it.  It is exhausting for him too, being kicked all night and falling asleep “trying not to snore”.  So we are going to try to address the snoring thing.  How ironic is it that I’m going to send my husband to a sleep clinic because I have a sleeping problem? 

And lets not even get started on naps.  You would think I could catch up at some point during the day because my child catches at least 3 hours of daytime sleep.  But no.  It is more frustrating to try to nap than to just be tired.  Funny side note, one day I gave myself some benadryl in hopes of catching a nap while he napped.  It was the first time in months that he refused to nap altogether.  Boy, that was a hilarious day.


2 thoughts on “Mommy insomnia

  1. Umm, are you sure Lana didn’t write this? Man I was having deja vu as I read this. I know we haven’t even had the baby yet but I guess being pregnant just adds to the difficulty of trying to get a good nights sleep. I as well, have a lot of trouble sleeping since she got pregnant. EVERY TIME she wakes up I do too and I always ask her is she is okay. I am constantly worried about her now. So now neither one of sleeps. I have always stayed up after she goes to bed. That is the time when I search for music on the internet, or read countless books about politics, or sometimes I just play Halo. But nonetheless, a while back she did the same thing…she came walking down the stairs and looked over the banister and said, with her hair all disheveled and squinty eyed, “Baby! What in the world are you doing?” I was actually just opening some crackers and drinking a Dr. Pepper. Man it is tough for everyone when the wife is pregnant. 🙂 And of course I snore as well, so about 6 times a night I too get kicked or moved to abate the problem and sometimes I end up on the couch because I feel bad when she cant sleep. Plus I don’t kicked on the couch. But I love her and I will do whatever it takes to make her pregnancy as easy as I possibly can. So Stu and I, along with countless other husbands, can relate.

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