More People, Less Money

I decided to start up this page on my blog because I’ve been discussing budget issues alot with my friends.  As most of you know, at the end of my pregnancy with Blake, I quit my job with no intention of going back anytime soon.  I want to stay home my kids for as long as I possibly can.  Besides the fact that I think it’s great for Blake, it’s just not economical for me to go back.  Once I deducted daycare out of my salary (which is completely ridiculous here in Columbia-I’m finding out what some of you are paying in Texas and it’s not fair!), and taxes, and subtract the couple hundred more in taxes that Stuart brings in by being able to claim me, I’m bringing home a few hundred a month.  Is that worth 40 hours a week (at least), and my extra guilt and exhaustion?  Now, all of you know that I find this to be a very personal decision, and if you are working I would never critique that.  We’re pretty blessed that it has worked for us.  But I have been working pretty hard to find ways to make it work.  I’ve made it my job.  So I decided to make it a part of my blog too.  I make all kinds of little discoveries all the time.  And when I make them, I will share!

The tips today, well, we’ll could call them, “Duh”.  When I list the things we’ve given up it reminds me that our lives were fairly luxurious.  Maybe it will be again one day.  🙂

1. Gave up the gym (finally) $80

2. Gave up the once a month house cleaning (reluctantly) $120

3. Gave up the once a month hair treatment (you know, cut, color) $Embarrassing amount

Don’t worry, the tips will get better.  I’ll be back with some more useful ones soon.


One thought on “More People, Less Money

  1. I just quit my gym, too! As for cleaning, my building has cockroaches (ugh, New York), so I’ve been vigilant about cleanliness in these parts since Day 1. Just ask my friends. I’m somewhat of a stickler. Lastly, the hair. What are you doing about the hair now, then? Doing it yourself?

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