Now presenting: BLOOD, sweat and tears

Up until now, the kitchen project has only called for sweat and tears. Now it has demanded blood. The countertops are the big project we still have had looming over our heads. We chose ironstone, which I wrote about earlier, and they are giant pavers, but I will be calling them tiles. Just because I like to. Anyways, there was a super-bad wet saw/tile debacle (of which I will not elaborate) and Stuart walked in and told me, “I broke a tile”, I knew he had also blown a fuse because he headed down to the breaker. I also knew he was very angry, because these things are not cheap. Then he comes upstairs and says, oh and I did this. That’s when he showed me what the inside of his fingers looks like.

So now I’m sitting in the ER with him (yay for thinking to bring the laptop!!) and they are “exploring the wound” as we speak. Ew.  It’s on the inside of his pointer and middle fingers right where it bends, so they are looking to see if there is any tendon damage.

And, the entertainment has been the couple on the other side of the curtain.  This couple came in and the guy has an ice pack on his thumb.  We finally found out he stapled his thumb.  I begged Staple Guy to let me take a picture so you guys can really feel like you’re here.  It is definitely time to stop reading if you are easily queased.  But I know how you guys like my gross pictures.  Don’t act like you don’t.  Obviously, I am fascinated with injuries, even though I will pass out immediately if I see someone in severe pain.  No joke.  Okok, here’s Staple Guy’s finger:



I didn’t take any before pictures of Stu’s injury (you’re welcome).  I did however take a pic once he was stitched up.  Enjoy.


We had fun with Staple Guy (ok, his name is Dave) and his wife, and it was a nice diversion so that we didn’t concentrate too much on the fact that the guy treating us was taking his lunch break right outside our room.  And in case you’re curious, they just yanked that staple out of his hand with his own pliers (yes, he brought his own).  whoa.  He left with a freaking bandaid on his hand. 

Here are the hospital buddies:



Stu is now making a bold political statement, and Dave is an Aggie. 

Now, could someone from HGTV PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come finish our kitchen?? I’m begging. I’m on my knees. I need a kitchen sink. Please. Sniff.





10 thoughts on “Now presenting: BLOOD, sweat and tears

  1. Hey there hospital buddies,

    So, Im home now and the Litacain is wearing of quite quickly. The thumb doesn’t feel to horribly bad at the moment, but I do anticipate some “throbbing” later. How is Stu’s finger doing? Did he get back to his project when he got home? Anyway, I wish you two well and I appreciate the coversation earlier.

    Here is a link to the Lost season 5 sneak peek. Enjoy!

  2. Oh! I did forget to mention the end of our visit when you asked the dr about pain and he look up and said, “It’ll throb”. Then he went back to work. Yes, it will. Stu has already dug into the pain meds and he has a super nice friend that is helping him finish cutting the tile. NO, he is not operating heavy machinery on narcotics, but we only have the wet saw rented for today, so Brian offered to cut while Stu advises. What great friends.

  3. Man, I wish I would have had a camera on me when I almost cut my two fingers completely off with the circular saw! They looked pretty gnarley and they would have been a reat addition to your gross pics collection. Oh well, I would say maybe next time, but I really hope I don’t do that again. I was almost forced to start playing guitar left handed. Whew, close one.

  4. Thank goodness I didn’t go premed because as soon as I saw those pictures (I don’t know what I was expecting) my arms turned to jelly and I have only just now regained enough motor control in my extremities to type these words. So queasy.

    Stu, take advantage of the meds and recover quickly!

    Now, did Blake accompany you all to the ER? I wonder how he would do in a hospital.

  5. oh my goodness, how gross !!!!!!!!! It makes me sad that I have not pictured all the ‘grossness’ that your dad has created for me. WHY didn’t I think of pictures???? 🙂 DUH. I was too busy shreaking and yucking. BUT… I know its not too late. Dad is all healed up at the moment but I am confident he’ll produce something very competitive soon. YUCK YUCK YUCKKKKKKKKK

  6. wow-what an experiance-glad your hubby is doing ok.

    what else have ya’ll been up too? where are ya’ll living now?

    i’m new to the blog thing so any helf would be greatly appriciated!

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