Smoky don’ts

I am by no means a fashion adviser, but I do know a thing or two about looking your best.  And lately friends, I’ve been seeing alot of attempts at “smoky eyes”.  I think everyone’s getting carried away with the new season, and they want to look all wintery.  But I have some humble advice to offer.  If you do not have a stylist following you around all day, then by the end of the day you just look plain tired.  Even if you aren’t going for a smoky look, but are wearing some mascara and eyeliner, be sure you take a look in the mirror as the day goes on.  It starts to wear away on all of us and look like dark circles.  Simply take that ring finger and swipe it under your eyes every few hours just to be sure you are not developing a case of the raccoon eyes.  No hard rubbing on your eyes, any Mary Kay lady will tell you to go easy on the skin around your eyes.  I even use a tiny little swab of eye-makeup remover to be sure everything has stayed where it belongs, and then I don’t have to rub.  Take it or leave it beautiful ladies.


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