The Anti-Halloween Hills

Please tell me why I’m supposed to stop telling people “Merry Christmas”.  Is it really that offensive, if you don’t want to celebrate it?  I mean, I’m not RINGING YOUR DOORBELL ALL NIGHT, wishing you Merry Christmas, so if you don’t like it, does it really affect your life all that much?  Yet on Halloween, a holiday I happen to wish would fall off the face of the earth, I don’t get to go home and mind my own business.  I have no desire to ruin anyone else’s scary, creepy, sugary holiday.  Seriously, if you love the costume thing, or the cobwebs, or witches, or bloody faces, then have a ball.   But if somebody is hanging out in their house with the light off, and the “Hush, Baby Sleeping” pillow on the door, I think you have some not-so-subtle hints about how festive I feel.  What kind of parent lets their kids walk up to dark houses and ring doorbells?  I thought that was the universal sign for “leave me alone”.  Am I wrong about that?

Now, if my kid begs me to trick or treat one year, don’t call me a hypocrite for doing it.  I’m not holding myself to some super high moral standard, I just think that a holiday centered around pretending you’re someone else, or worse, trying to scare the hoo-hah out of people so that little kids have a good premise for nightmares is stupid.  I’ll avoid it as long as I can.  Assuming I can avoid it at all, since it is actually ringing my doorbell.


6 thoughts on “The Anti-Halloween Hills

  1. Hey Debbie Downer,

    Just so you know Halloween is fun. While I don’t trick or treat anymore, I like to buy candy “for the trick or treaters” and then “forget” to turn on the porch light so I can eat all the candy myself. Is that weird? What can I say, I like candy. Oh yeah Merry Christmas early. um I mean happy holiday season.

  2. I was so excited that this year we totally avoided Halloween all together. This is quite the feat since my 4 year old and 2 year old are so aware of what is going on around them. We left and went to a local high school football game and the kids were so excited about doing that they never realized they missed out on all the candy. We did take the opportunity to teach them that Halloween and it’s activities were not something that brought glory to God and that it was not something our family would participate in. Hopefully one day they will fully understand but until then we will just pray that God protect their little hearts.

  3. I personally too would be fine skipping Halloween, but it is now a night not to be missed at my parents’ house. A few years ago I finally clued into the fact that my mom annually had two of my cousins and their young children over for dinner on Halloween night. Last Friday was probably the best time ever. In addition to my family, my cousins, one set of their in-laws, six kiddos, family friends from out of town, my brother’s ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend also made appearances, but thankfully not at the same time. The kiddos were supper excited to be dressed up and the holiday was just a vehicle to getting together for a great evening of friends and family.

  4. Ok, I’m not totally Debbie Downer Chris. In fact, I agree with Trina that making the holiday still a celebration, just of a different kind is probably how I will deal with Halloween once I have older children. I won’t ALWAYS hole up in my house with the lights off. But if I DO decide too, it’s my prerogative!!

  5. SOOOOO i am 24 and went trickor treating ( as a darn good Sara Palin!) for the 1st time in years bc i have a 7 month old and HE needed to expirence the holiday!!!! granted i ate all the candy- BUT we do know the “rule” no light no tricking! especially with a baby sleeping pillow on the door!!!!!

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