I got Tagged.

How did Jamie know I so religiously read her blog?  So she tagged me and I’ll play.

Go to your picture file on your PC.
Pull up the 4th folder.
Pull up the 4th photo.
Tell us about it.

BUT, I will tell you that I did this honestly, and it’s not exactly a facebook profile pic.

This is me, maybe 6 months pregnant, giving myself a shot of heparin.  I guess Stu wanted to document it?  I had to have the shot every twelve hours through the entire pregnancy until 6 weeks postpardum, due to a weird blood clot.  This is the exact reason they wouldn’t give me my epidural.  Grrrrrr.

Now, I tag Daina, Sam, Trint, and Mom.  GO!


2 thoughts on “I got Tagged.

  1. ouch! way to abide by the rules though 🙂 i think you could put this as your profile pic but I might include a word or two of explanation.

  2. Well….. that’s some memories. Of course I have to participate in all comments so….. here goes… 4th folder, 4th pic… o.k. well, is that from the My pics folder on my C drive? or the D drive? ohhh maybe its the K drive but no, the K drive is just Pics so do I go by just dates? But then most of my pics are on the C drive under my fav pics.. o.k. now I’m cooking… C drive, fav pics, 4th folder??? o.k. that doesn’t work. That’s some else’s funeral pics.
    After much intense, soul searching, disk searching, here is my pic from 4th of 4
    Here ’tis
    Now that’s one exciting picture. Better than the funeral one, tho!!

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