Neglectful Nancy

I’m neglecting the ‘ol blog.  Blake’s birthday brought with it alot of excitement and nostalgia.  So on your next birthday, be sure and wish your moma happy one, because she remembers it much better than you do!  My parents came in from Texas and we have been having so much fun.  Tomorrow we fly to Texas to be with Stu’s parents in the pressbox at the SFA game.  Blake’s first live football!  Should be fun to watch, and his Big Daddy (that’s right) can’t wait to show him off.  So I am busy trying to pack everything we need for Blake in one suitcase.  Good times. 

Anyways, I have lots to write about, but I guess you will just have to stay tuned.  Plus, we are going to the airport which give me lots to discuss.   In the meantime, here’s a couple pics from the party.  Stu and my dad made a fire for the kids to roast marshmallows (and for us to stay warm!).  And I tried to teach Blake about candle blowing.  He just wanted the cake. 


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