TTLY Blake’s 1st Birthday!

This is what a person can turn into after almost 4 hours of trying to push a baby out and no painkillers.  If you think I’m bragging, I am.  I totally earned that right, even though none of this was on purpose.  It was a terrifying night, and talking about it this morning, we both still shuddered.  My husband was a rock star, I never could have survived that ordeal without him.  My sister also had a leg, which was no small feat.  Those 2 sweated with me the whole time.  I know for a fact that they both experienced a good deal of post-traumatic stress (besides that they were both very sore physically too).  This experience affected those with me even more than it did me.  Mom and Daina were moral support for Stu, and I am so so so grateful they were there for us. 

Now, Stu talks about the Seinfeld episode where he sees this girl in different lighting and she goes from being really pretty to super scary.  He said that’s how fast I changed too.  We finally got Blake out, he tended to the baby for awhile, and when he turned around to check on me, I had blown up to 3 times the normal size of my body.  My vision was shot (even if I could have opened my eyes all the way), and I was STARVING.  I ate so much.  Breakfast was great there.  I was just so happy it was over. 


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