TTLY Labor Day 3

If you’re only reading sporadically and not really keeping up (RUSSELL RANSBARGER), here’s an explanation for TTLY.

This is the last video we took because we didn’t know that things were about to get ugly.  So so so so ugly.  I believe it was about 2 hours from this video that I was in full force petocin-supplemented labor, and the anesthesiologist informed us that she “wasn’t comfortable” giving me an epidural because of the fact that I had been on heparin during the pregnancy.  We later found out (after meeting with the hematologist) that that was all bunk.  So, hip-hip-hooray for unnecessary mind-numbing pain!!


One thought on “TTLY Labor Day 3

  1. this is it…birthday!!!! canNOT believe it!!!
    I’m sitting here drinking MY WEAK coffee at home watching this and still can’t believe it’s been a year.
    I hope you guys have an awesome weekend with Blake and friends and grandparents.
    I can’t thank you enough for letting me be so starry eyed in that room with you. I was so excited!!! It was so special to be there with you two.
    hugs for Blake
    and CHEERS to the Coach and Assistant to THE
    and MOMMA KATHY, you impressed me that night and you continue to impress me with this baby of yours.

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