TTLY Labor Day 1

Stu and I got nostalgic this morning.  This day last year, I went into labor with this big ‘ol hunk that is trying to eat leaves off my patio right now.  Mom and Daina had gotten in the night before, and little did we know how grateful we would be to have them!  Stu and I thought we wanted this private experience together, but it turns out that if they don’t let you have the epidural, but they do let you have the petocin, you need ALL the leg-holding and moral support you can get!!!  I think we took 3 or 4 videos before we had him, so I’ll post them all.  Bear with me, this is almost over.  They aren’t really all that fascinating; it’s just fun to marvel at our complete naivety.  We totally thought this was no big deal, I would get the epidural when I wanted it and everything would be fine.  I guess ignorance is bliss.  Don’t worry, there aren’t any scary videos.  Once things got scary we were WAY too busy to think about the camera.  Unless you consider the post birth video of me is scary, which it is.  That’s for tomorrow. 

This day I made Daina go for a (long) walk with me, trying to force Blake out.  I didn’t realize that by about noon, my water had already started to “break” (sometimes this is confusing to women who have already been trickling for months-sorry).  After our walk, we decided to go for a pedicure.  It was leaving the salon that I had the real breakage.  The “oh no I have to run back in and get a towel” kind of breakage.  We went straight to the hospital from there, and I was very sad we did, cause then they wouldn’t let me go home.  I wanted to labor at home for awhile.  I was delusional at this point and thought that that was some sort of key to my success.  Well let me tell you, once your water breaks, they strap you down, so if you want to get anything done first, hurry!


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