Choosing road rage in Howard County

If I’m going to get cut off by a car while I’m driving around with my kid, I would prefer to not be then taunted by the big green “Choose Civility in Howard County” bumper sticker.  There is this huge campaign going on here basically reminding people to be nice (don’t even get me started on how weird it is that we need to be reminded by bumper stickers).  The idea is fine, great in fact.  But, typical PC suburbanites that we are, we all want to put the bumper sticker on our cars so everyone knows that, “hey look how great I am, you should think about choosing civility too”.  Ok, news flash people:  Putting the sticker on your car doesn’t make you a nice person.  I have been so offended on the road by the green sticker people, I’m starting to wonder if I’m misunderstanding the movement.  Since I moved here almost 7 years ago, my biggest beef has always been that the people here seem so unhappy and rude (especially when they can remain anonymous-like in the car).  And now everyone’s eating up this “new idea”, apparently without understanding what it means. 

So, for those of you who love love love the trendy green sticker, but haven’t bothered to figure out what it means, here’s a statement from the website:

Choose Civility is an ongoing community-wide initiative, led by Howard County Library, to position Howard County as a model of civility (whew-miles to go before we sleep, eh?). The project intends to enhance respect, empathy, consideration and tolerance in Howard County.

Oy, Columbia. 

Incidentally, it’s important to note that I am not claiming to be Super Nice Nancy Fancy Pants or anything myself.  But you can bet you will not find a sticker on my car branding me a hypocrite.


4 thoughts on “Choosing road rage in Howard County

  1. As an English minor and a person who took Shakespeare and poetry classes as electives in college, I appreciate the Robert Frost allusion!

  2. Well said, and thanks for the shout-out! Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

    I meant also to put in my rant a reference to The Sneetches. Apropos, no?

    Welcome to How-Weird County, where looks are everything. Maybe Hyacinth Bucket — er, “boo-kay” — should be the next county executive.

  3. I prefer Howard County Chews Civility. You can be almost guaranteed that the one running you off the road has the green bumper sticker. It is really a self righteous proclamation”Choose civility, as I have”. I recommend that it be placed on the windshield to remind the driver of it’s intended meaning. And to your point…we need a green sticker to remind us? Weird! Things must be bad!

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