Why do bad haircuts happen to good people?

I don’t know where to get a baby boy’s hair cut.  I know, it’s shocking, me being MOTY and all.  He has alot of hair, and we get alot of “compliments” on it.   I put that in quotes because sometimes I’m not sure.  It is quite shiny and lustrous, but when it gets too long and the cow-lick takes over it looks like a bad Donald Trump do.  You know how people say things like, “Wow, so much hair for a baby!”.  And they sound truly shocked.  I know, I used to say it too.  When what I meant was, “Please, for the baby’s sake, get your kid a haircut!”.  Now, it’s also important to note that I am not all sentimental about the cutting of the hair.  I don’t think it’s right when little boys walk around with curly hair flipping everywhere, or baby mullets, because their moms have on rose-colored glasses and don’t want to admit that it’s time.  Those poor kids look like silly, like poorly dressed girls.  So because I feel that way, Blake got his first haircut at 10 months, as soon as it started flipping out.  But it grows really fast!!  He’s needed one about every 4 weeks since then!  I was taking him to the lady who does my hair.  She did a fantastic job, but they charge $20!  A little ridiculous, I thought.  But look how cute his first haircut turned out:

I went back one more time after this one, but this time (today) I decided to go to a good ‘ol fashioned barber that a friend recommended.  I mean, how hard can it be, right?  This is what he got:

He asked me if this was ok and I almost said, “Yes, in 1950!”.  I calmly said it was fine and paid them man.  BTW, it was $12, but since the shop (apparently still operating in 1950) doesn’t take credit cards and I had to pull cash at an ATM with a $3 fee, this haircut still cost me $15!  Hello!  I would have said something, but I really don’t think he would have known what to do.  The only equipment I saw anywhere was a ginormous pair of scissors.   But, hey, I saved $5!!  Who cares that if my kid set foot on a playground he might get beat up.  Ok, I’m exaggerating.  And I know it grows fast, but his 1st birthday is this week.  All those pictures!  Was this really the week to save 5 bucks?!  Can anyone help me?  I’m thinking about trying to trim it up how I learned to do my own bangs (kind of cutting into them to stagger the length), so his bangs won’t be mistaken for a straight-edge.  But that just sounds like another disaster.  Poor kid could end up with a hair-cut like his daddy’s.  I’m glad he’s not old enough to care.


6 thoughts on “Why do bad haircuts happen to good people?

  1. ok..i kept this picture up on my computer all day yesterday hoping that someone else would comment before I did. My kids came home from school and ooood and ahhhd about how cute it was and yes, Blake would be cute, no matter what, but sweet sister, the haircut isn’t that bad.
    Frankly, if you look back on some of your nephews haircuts, you will know that you may have just plunged a knife between my ribs 🙂
    I do know what a bummer it is to not the get haircut you expected, though and please don’t try to fix it yourself, although you have MAD MOM skills, I ‘m not sure they extend to that. 🙂
    love, sister and Tyler

  2. I think he looks cute. If you want, I can learn how to cut his hair. I have been doing Ash’s line for the last 8 years, but I’m not sure if we have the right tools or not for Blake 🙂 I could learn!

  3. No, it is that bad. Sorry. In hopes that a good night sleep would have helped, I hopefully opened the door to his room to find it had actually taken a worse shape in the night. Poor baby. Seriously, it’s worse now than it was in the picture. Even his own grandmother admitted that he looks a bit like a vulcan.

  4. Girl, pay the $20 and get what you want!! Take him back to the salon and maybe she can fix it…. its not the worse I have ever seen but I do feel your pain!!! Especially on birthday week!!!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 HAHAHA What on earth are you complaining about? The boy is a boy, the boy has similar genes with other members of the family. The boy’s haircut looks like lots of other boy’s haircuts in the family. He’s a darling little boy. Worry about the day HE wants to fight back against the hair cut! Rough up his hair and give him a hug for me!!! 🙂 HEY… he has lots of cute hats!

  6. it might be bad, but it isn’t this bad…


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