TTLY October 13,2007

So today, last year, was my due date.  This video will show my frustration.  But, what you don’t see is that I cried all day.  I was holding back tears during this because I didn’t want to ruin his cute interview video.  This was a Saturday, and every morning that I woke up without a twinge of labor pain or a gush of water at my feet was a terrible disappointment.  Now, I know, it was only my due date.  I wasn’t even technically late yet.  But, in my defense, I was HUGE.  They were doing these ultrasounds telling me I was having a gajillion pound baby and that surely I would go early.  Nobody should tell a pregnant woman that.  She gets her hopes up.  She waits with anticipation and twinkling eyes to feel the tell-tale cramps.  I felt nothing except a baby literally getting his toes stuck in my ribs.  Here ya go.


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