Do you need to borrow our truck?


That’s what I say to anyone who says, “If so-and-so” wins the election, I’m moving to Canada.  You must think you are pretty important if you imagine the whole country is going to give a flying flip that you’ve decided to leave it.  Especially with that attitude.  I heard it so many times when Kerry and Bush were running, and those people are still here!  Hello, get on it!  Pack up!  You might get on over there to Fantastic Canada and find that they aren’t so freakin’ great either.  Those Canadians might have their issues too.  And they might even still have people who *gasp* disagree with you!! 

Hey, and since you’re “taking your ball and going”, why not consider hauling your spoiled butt to some country that might make you appreciate the right you have here to loudly voice whatever your latest beliefs might be.  Land in some country where you have no right to vote for your political leaders and are forced to do as you’re told.  Live somewhere you can’t achieve anything you want in life, have no access to education, or the vast amounts of resources we have here.  Go somewhere where the right to persue happiness is laughable, where you are lucky to survive and meagerly provide for your family.  Maybe it would do you some good to realize what you have here in this country that everyone is so obnoxiously criticizing. 

As many of my friends know (some better than others, sorry Amanda :-)), I’m sick of hearing about politics, and everyone’s very loud opinions.  And this really, really doesn’t have anything to do with which candidate I believe in (neither-in case you were wondering).  I’m frustrated with the way things are going too.  I’m not saying you should stop expressing your opinions or campaigning for your guy, that is what makes this country wonderful.  I’m just reminding everyone to remember what we do have.  And if you are petulant enough to want to leave the country because you didn’t get your way (instead of staying and continuing to fight for what you believe), then please, please borrow our luggage, and our truck.  Anything I can do to help.


14 thoughts on “Do you need to borrow our truck?

  1. (claps)

    yay! I agree whole-heartedly.

    Not to mention the fact that we have a country based on a checks and balances system, so it’s not like either candidate can become some dictator and do anything they want in office. Neither of them is going to be able to make it the “Great Conservative Wonderland” or the “Amazing Liberal America” just by getting elected. People need to chill.

    And ditto on not believing in either of them. I think both have their strengths and weaknesses. And I’m not a devoted follower of either of them.

  2. I’ve heard this argument too. It’s a nice way of saying “love it or leave it”. But your premise presupposes a few things that aren’t necessarily true:

    1) This country conducts free and fair elections. (The 2000 elections, beyond a shadow of a doubt, discount that)

    2) People have access to accurate and unbiased information about candidates. (Absolutely, 100% false. And while you know I lean left, I will certainly concede that the New York Times, MSNBC, et al do as well. However, there are just as many, if not more ‘journalistic orgs that lean right (Wash Post, National Review, Fox ‘News’. So it goes.)

    3) Finally, and most importantly, you assume that we, as Americans, owe some indisputable debt to the country in which we were born or migrated to. That is a patently absurd observation. You will remember that the people who founded this country did so by leaving their unjust country of birth. Yes, that was a monarchy. So you could argue that it was necessary, as common people would never have a chance to self-rule. But if you study your history, and more importantly recent history, you’ll see that we are no different. Barack Obama is the first candidate in the modern American era who is truly self-made. He is everything that America is supposed to be. He is black, he is white, he was poor, now through industry, he is rich, he was the product of a broken home, he is the father of a wonderful family, he was troubled as a youth, but he was incredibly intelligent and excelled in school (on to president of the Harvard Law Review), he eschewed personal gain to help other people, he looked to serve the public (while not necessarily ignoring how it would help his career), and finally took on a challenge bigger than anything you or I will ever, ever dream of taking on.

    Compare that to John McCain. A scion of a two-admiral family in the Navy. He was predestined for the military. He was nearly expelled many, many times, for poor grades and poor behavior. It is a matter of record that if his father and grandfather weren’t admirals he would have washed out of Annapolis. That’s excusable as a youth. He graduated 5th from the bottom of his class of nearly 900 students. That shows his laziness. Still excusable. Then came his career as a pilot. Years before the Hanoi Hilton he crashed three planes. Three planes. Because he was a bad student and a bad pilot. Being a bad pilot doesn’t mean you can’t be president. But it’s a referendum on your judgment, no? Then came Vietnam, then came Ho Chi Minh, then came home, then came him casting aside his disfigured wife in favor of a 20 years younger millionairess who could pay to launch his political career. And he cheated on his wife for a year before divorcing her. A real stand up guy. Then came the Keating 5. I could go on, but the fact is, if you support John McCain for ethical, “moral” reasons, you are either too stupid to know any better, or you are a feckless thug of the Republican Party. There’s not much in between. The recent economic meltdown only highlights McCain’s involvement in the deregulation of the banking industry via Phil Gramm that led to this nightmare. If you don’t know anything about that, then for the love of god, do not, I repeat, do not vote on November 4th. You are not worthy.

  3. Let me preface this by saying that I’m only 20, and during the last two elections I was 16 and 12, respectively, but people have been so upset with Bush that they’ve been eagerly engaged in this campaign process for a really long time, so everyone has pretty much exhausted their logical opinions at this point 18 months later, and with a mere month left… everyone is going bananas.

    I don’t think the opinions are going to stop flooding in any time soon. Even after the election. I mean, mine certainly won’t, but I do hope you continue to read mine and post your counter-opinion because you’re one of the only people whose counter-opinions I actually care about.

    That being said, it is really annoying how often people forget the freedoms we as Americans are afforded that so many other people globally will never even understand, let alone get for themselves. As a nation we are mostly spoiled. I think this is really coming to light now with the sub-prime mortgage-lending crisis finally blowing up in our faces as the result of greed and carelessness. It’s all about instant gratification and delaying responsibility, but I think with this wake up call we might be better off in the near future if we actually sit down, take a minute, and learn from this huge mistake.

    I do have to say though, London School of Economics is looking realll good for Grad School if Sarah Palin gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Do you have a boat?

  4. Wow, you go girl. That’s great that Amanda thinks you meant that you were taking request for what kind of luggage…what a great example 🙂 hee hee..
    I will donate my time for booking their tickets and travel issues to get all this taken care of. Should solve a lot of issues here, more than they even are whining about.
    That is why people depend on Saturday Night Live to survive this political season.
    I think every one in Cananda must agree with them…don’t discourage them, silly 🙂 They will love it there…it’s beautiful!!!

  5. I cant stress enough that I have the answer! I have been preaching it for a long time now, and if it weren’t for manufactured cable news stories, and blatant bias on behalf of the cable news channels (both Fox and CNN, etc.), and the manufactured candidate “debates”, and the fact that both parties hate him for being honest and a person who actually has standards that cannot be bought, and the fact that he is a politician that actually answers questions with a yes or no first and then explains his stand without giving a 15 minute peroration without actually answering the question while being vague enough as to please everyone and not be specific enough to distance any one constituent, and the fact the he is the first politician in a very very very long time to actually have some legitimate and concrete solutions for this whole Charlie Foxtrot that this country is currently in…then we might not be having this discussion right now. Whew, how is that for a run-off sentence. Oh by the way the answer to all the problems this country is in right now is…


    Clear enough? Damn the media for stifling his energy and his supporters!!!

  6. Frank, I don’t disagree with any of your arguments-well, mostly. But you got alittle off topic at the end (the campaining-because this isn’t about either side, nor is it about me thinking we have a perfect country. It’s about gaining some perspective about what we DO have here, and learning to not be a bunch a spoiled brats in the way we talk about it). This is not a nice way of saying “love it or leave it” ( I don’t think I was being nice). It’s a nice way of saying “shit or get off the pot”. You don’t have to love it. But if you want to continually threaten to leave it then FIND THE DOOR. That’s my point. In fact, not loving it, being passionate about the changes you want, are the things that make change. But lately all the foot stomping and whining is annoying. From both sides. I’m not directly this to the people who are discontented. I am one of them.

    Sam, being 20 does not make you ignorant. You are paying attention more than most 40 year olds. I’m proud of you.

    Chris, we know about Ron Paul. It’s over for him. I’m sorry. Stop campaining for Ron Paul. Is it still your myspace background?

    Amanda, Soulstice would be huge in Canada, but I hope you stay.

    Brooke, I am so sorry about your feet. 🙂 Love ya.

  7. I knew there was a reason I like you. But you still miss the point. When a country is beyond reform, it’s not unethical to want to leave it. The issue is that we’ve been sold a bill of goods that precludes speaking against the country’s leadership, which is (ironically) completely antithetical to our founders’ philosophy. It says, don’t you dare speak out against a sitting President. Pardon me, but WTF? No, I think we may just fundamentally disagree here. I was born an American, but there no stars or stripes encoded into my DNA. Nationalism is a relatively new phenomenon, and you must remember it’s based on ideas. Not geography. Not genetics. Nothing that can’t be corrupted. And when the idea on which the nation was founded is sufficiently corrupted without hope of reform, then considering leaving that country is not unpatriotic or unethical.

  8. Excuse me, but even though I haven’t seen my DNA code, I don’t believe mine have stars or stripes either. I think we are arguing 2 different points. I’m tired of the whining and petulance-and the bi-partisan ugliness (hm, reminds me of this angry blog I just read) 😉 I find nothing wrong with speaking out against the president, the government or whatever else gets you riled up. (And I see you tying to use big words to throw me off, it’s not working) It would be insane if you thought I’m implying we should all blindly love and follow our government.
    Now, I do believe (and this wouldn’t be the first time in history), that we might just have to agree to disagree. I curtsy and shake your hand.

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