My hero TTLY

If you haven’t been keeping up, look a few blogs back to see the explanation for this rash of videos.  Besides that we were different emtionally, this time last year I was 9 months pregnant and my feet were 3 times their normal size.  Stu is pretty mortified by this one, when really, it’s me who should have been embarrassed by those poor, swollen feet that I could only fit into flip flops and couldn’t reach to paint.  October 7, 2007:


4 thoughts on “My hero TTLY

  1. my feet are horrible. I have a pair of ballet flats with big stretchy bands to keep them on and I look like an overflowing sausage in them. I can’t wait to have normal feet again.

    Sniff sniff, cry cry.

  2. really, it’s funny that we give them so much praise for painting our toes while are pregnant…
    Like you and Brooke mentioned, (poor Brooke), it is us who would LOVE to reach our toes at that point but can’t and the polish is just a TINGE of help for the lame way our feet are looking anyway !!!!
    Funny !!!

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