Not talk to ya later.  The title stands for “this time last year”.  In one of my insomniac nights, I found the videos we took when we first got our video camera last year in anitcipation for Blake’s birth.  Because the whole thing was new and novel (the camera and the pregnancy), we took some mundane videos.  I find these videos so interesting though, now that I see how different our lives were.  You really might not find these as interesting as I do (home videos are only so exciting to outsiders).  But in honor of Blake’s upcoming first birthday, I will be putting up videos for each corresponding day last year, all the way up to the big day.  Woo hoo!! Never before seen footage!!  Feel free to watch (or not), but if you enjoy a good belly shot, then that, my friends, you will get. 

October 4, 2007:


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