The best gift

My friend Amanda recently shared this blog with me, it is a friend of a friend’s.

I read it, I watched the video, I cried.  It makes me realize again how big the world is (outside of this spoiled country we live in-sorry, but lately I’m getting a bit frustrated).  This family has adopted an abandoned baby from Ethiopia, who would have probably grown up in a orphanage without them (at best).  He will now grow up to be and do anything his little heart desires.  He will know the love of God, and of parents.  I followed their link to another friend who had recently adopted from Ethiopia, and then to the Gladney Adoptive services.  Stu and I have always toyed around with the idea of adopting (I don’t care where, internationally and domestically there are children who need homes), or foster-care.  I’m not saying I’m big enough to do it yet (I really believe Stu’s heart is in it more than mine).  But I pray about it alot.  It is an amazing gift, and truly selfless. 

This is something Stu and I have discussed alot since we had Blake.  We used to debate the idea of why we have children.  I could get more into that debate, but I don’t have time.  What we have realized is that God has given us children as His greatest gift.  Not for the reasons we used to think.  I think that the parent-child relationship is the closest God can come to showing how he feels about us.  The love a mother or father feels for their child is overwhelming; the sacrifices I would be willing to make for Blake’s well-being are endless- all the way to death.  Before my child was born, I did not understand what it would be like to truly give in to myself.  Imagine that this is only a small, small glimpse of the overwhelming love God feels for us, His children.  Also imagine Him watching us (believers and non- because even if you don’t believe in Him, he considers you His child), bumbling around trying to decipher right from wrong, which direction to turn, how to find happiness, and rarely asking for help (unless it’s an emergency, of course).  He must look at us like we look at our children.  From infancy we are trying to keep them from doing things that will cause them harm.  Don’t put that penny in your mouth, you’ll choke.  Don’t go near the stairs, you’ll fall.  But eventually a parent will not be able to control their actions.  We all have free will.  And just as a parent watches their children, wringing their hands, hoping they do what’s best for them, God watches us.  Hoping that we’ll do what’s best for us.  Hoping we’ll turn to Him for help. 

I’ll wrap this up with the scripture verse that is on Alix’s facebook page:

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!”

1 John 3:1



2 thoughts on “The best gift

  1. It is when I read stuff like this that I really realize what great friends Lana and I are blessed to have. We are really blessed to have such great families, friends and each other, and I cant wait to experience that love first hand in May or so of next year. I try to think about how it will feel, but until I see that little boy or girl enter this world I’m afraid I cant truly understand. I can’t wait. Lana and I have always talked about the adoption option as well. I am still unsure how serious we are about it, but we have definitely talked intently about the subject.
    Also, I too have become extremely frustrated as of late with the state in which our republic is in. I am none too pleased with either candidate. As you know I am a HUGE Ron Paul guy, but unfortunately he was too real and too true and too genuine for the satus quo. Either way one of the two jokers that are the candidates needs to get a hold of the situation and actually do something for a change and the lesser of the two evils in my opinion is McCain. I digress.
    I just wanted to let you know that Lana and I are so blessed to have such great friends like you and Stu and Daina and Kim and Sam and others, and we love you guys and miss you.

  2. OOO…you got me on this one. You know I’ve always wanted to do foster care and being told over and over by people who know and love me the most that I couldn’t handle it is very difficult.
    I know it would impact my family so much, but look at the impact of those children out there who suffer for the most innocent of reasons.
    Our children are so blessed to be loved unselfishly b/c they all don’t get that treatment.
    When I taught school, it was sometimes hard to want to send those kids home at the end of the day, so I know sending them away after living with me would be grueling to say the least.
    Don’t know who is right or wrong in this, but I know that God put that desire in my heart. Some how He will use it to accomplish loving a child or children someday that need me.
    My own children are enough to push me over sometimes, but they are so spoiled and secure 🙂
    Chris is SOOOO right though…the state makes it so hard to pursue.
    If you chance taking in fosters or adoptees, you double your chances of something happening to your own out of legistics or some other “stuff”.
    They make it so intimidating and awful, they scare the decent people away.
    Sorry about Ron Paul. I’m sure McCain will step up to the plate in January, Mr. Garza.
    I’m so pleased to see all you “youngin’s” having babies 🙂
    Such a great time in your lives!
    They truely are a gift.
    Plus…remember the scripture about them rising up to bless you…
    I’m banking on that one 🙂
    love and hugs…sister, Aunt D

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