Wasted time

My favorite recent techno advancement is hands-down the DVR.  And since my traitorous TV has abandoned me, I’m stuck watching the TV in the basement tonight (until we shuffle tvs).  I’m not much of a TV person (right Sam?), but now that all the good shows are back, there are a couple I really want to see!  So, I have plenty of time to blog while I watch what feels like HOURS of manipulative advertisements in the form of “commercials”.  I had no idea how spoiled I had become, I never watch live TV.  I just set up the shows I want, and whenever I’m ready (aka: when Blake’s asleep), I start.  Everything goes so much faster cause I can just zip zip zip through the commercials, pause if I need to, and fast forward when the s-l-o-w passing of time on Days of Our Lives becomes just too much.  *And don’t even get me started on DOOL, EJ- KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!!*  Anyways, if you don’t have one, you want one.  Stop being a slave to your tv!  But remember, your life won’t ever be the same again. 

How ironic is it that I just did a commercial for DVRs, and I love them because I hate commercials.   Discuss.


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