Tail between my legs

I write today with my proverbial tail between my legs.  Toshi, our devoted (that’s right) 36 inch TUBE tv, has not, in fact, abandoned us.  I have been trash talking Toshiba for awhile now, and now I must apologize.  It is Verizon Fios who has wronged us.  Well, their DVR cable box anyways. 

This brings me to another point.  My husband rocks my socks off.  Seriously guys, he is the bees knees, the cat’s pyjamas.  So yesterday, after a long day of work, he went with me to Costco (which I know he hates, but it really helps me because he plays with Blake and helps me carry things and pick things when I’m feeling indecisive).  Then he came home and real quick slapped up some more crown moulding in the kitchen (among other kitchen details he attended to), let me relax and watch tv in the basement (live-ugh, see my last blog).  While I was watching t, he calls me upstairs to look at the tv, he has been working on it and discovered, by plugging the cable and dvd player into different imputs that the tv is fine.  It is the cable.  Now I’m not totally stupid, we did consider that when this all started, but I don’t think we tested it out and for one reason or another we decided it had to be the tv.  How dumb would we have felt if we had gone out and bought a new tv and it didn’t work either?  Ha.

So, maybe we can put this dramatic tv saga behind us soon.  They are sending us a new cable box.  We will sadly lose everything that is on our DVR right now (which includes the entire 4th season of Lost *sigh*), but I guess them’s the breaks.  I will inform you when you can mentally put this incident to rest.  Til then, try to keep your head up.


5 thoughts on “Tail between my legs

  1. Well, why I am happy to see that your television saga has come to an end, I must say I feel bad that Stuart won’t have the same amount of fun watching the Redskins beat the Cowgirls on such a smaller and bulkier tv. 🙂 By the way Stuart, our tv is sooooooo cool. Football just isnt the same until you can watch it on a big screen in 1080p HD. Lana and I are hermits on Sundays.

  2. No worries – Tivo’d Lost season 4, and burned it onto DVDs! I’m sure that Brian will try to negotiate some kind of Mexican food or butterscotch milkshake before he coughs up the DVDs for you, but maybe I can sneak them over while he’s out of town!

    Workout tomorrow is mandatory!

  3. How does it feel to be a hermit while you watch the ‘Skins pummel the little cowgurls? I watched the game on a 4″ TV working on my kitchen. I enjoyed it very much thank you.

  4. It was great because I HATE the cowgirls! Sorry about the 4″ tv, I think my iPod is that big. 🙂 But either way I loved that game!

  5. You have never known pain until you miss the season premiere of Desparate Housewives, Grey’s and no telling what others because you can’t WATCH ANYTHING !!!!! Thanks IKE!!!
    You wimps… all you missed was a silly ole football game!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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