Toshiba Status update 4

In my last blog about Toshi, I was sure that she was not dying after all, and that my love could keep her alive.  Well I was wrong.  Things are looking grim.  And I am no longer sad, but ANGRY!!  My TV is only 5 years old.  Toshiba: I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

The screen is flipping everywhere.  I thought maybe after it had some time to cool down overnight it would be fine, but I turned it on this morning and GASP, it’s still flipping! 

5 years old!  What??!!!


5 thoughts on “Toshiba Status update 4

  1. For the love of Pete, FLAT SCREEN and be done. I suggest a Samsung, they are awesome! Toshi is a sunk cost and no amount of love will make her better than her flat screen cousins. Trust me. Have I ever led you astray?

  2. EXCUSE ME. Would I be sad if I had the wad of cash necessary to go out and buy a flat screen tv right now? Would I? What part of this is unclear? We are hemmoraging cash on a kitchen remodel project and I resent my 5 year old tv trying to die on me at such a crucial time! And, we have a backup tv, but it’s not hooked up to the DVR. I don’t know what to do without my DVR! I am lost.

  3. I’ll tell you like I used to tell my parents when I was young and wanted something that they said they couldn’t afford…just write a check for it. J/k I know how it is to wait for the tv that you want. We waited a long time until we could afford one, and now we are about to hemorrhage cash on our own remodel project. Which is why I must go now, I am headed to the title office to sign our closing papers! Yeah for being an adult! Good luck with you tv situation, and I can relate when it comes to your DVR, out two Tivos are two of our closest friends. TTYL.

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