Countertop Confessions


Aren’t we hot?  People have been trying to keep up with the countertop debacle, but everything’s moving too fast!  I could spend hours explaining, but I’ll try to give the short version.  We decided to remodel this kitchen-do it ourselves-on a tight budget.  I do not care to wait until we can afford our dream kitchen (when would that be??).  I also know that if and when we decide to sell this house, nobody would want it with that old, nasty kitchen.  I watch HGTV enough to know that it’s sad when people update their homes to sell and realize all the potential their house had.  I want to enjoy my updated house.  Anyways, we grossly under-budgeted for the simple laminate countertops we were going to buy.  That in itself is a ridiculous saga involving Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA, and all of the shockingly awful customer service stories-don’t get me started on how these people stay in business or why we finance them.  So guess what happens when you can’t even afford basic laminate countertop?  You’re screwed.  There aren’t really any other options.  Or so I thought!   This leads to my first exciting discovery, Habitat for Humanity.  Did you know that they have stores?  It’s like Goodwill for home renovations!  We went to the one in Frederick, because I found Corian countertops there.  Unfortunately, they were not going to fit correctly, and making it work would cost more than it was worth.  But, the store was amazing!  They have all kinds of new and used materials: sinks, toilets, hardware, lighting, furniture, appliances.  All for next to nothing!  It’s going to save us a fortune.  We might not be able to get countertops there, but there are so many things we will be able to use. 

Back to countertops.  My next discovery was a very new product, comparable to stone, maybe concrete.  It’s called ironstone.  You can see them on the website.  A couple in Kansas is the only distributor for them in the country.  She has spent a great deal of time on the phone with me helping, explaining, pricing.  At this point, I’m willing to buy from anyone who is willing to genuinely try to help me.   We definitely have some work to do to install them, but I’m pretty pumped.  Not only do they look really cool, they are cheaper than laminate (mostly because they are not in demand yet)!  Woohoo!  So at this point, we have ordered a sample, and upon our approval, we will be ordering all of the materials.  I’ll keep you posted, I know you are on the edge of your seat.  Try to be patient.


7 thoughts on “Countertop Confessions

  1. I’m so excited for you, but I am even more excited to know there is not one, but two Habitat stores in Houston! Thanks for sharing that little treasure of information. Gotta get cracking on some of those home improvement projects that I have been putting off myself. 😉

  2. See I am worth more than just cool DVDs from high school that you very strangely dont appear in and funny stories about your sister not tipping me at Market Basket, (which I promise I am completely over, but it is funny to mention every once in a while.) So hopefully you will save a bundle with your new found renovation supply store. We will be visiting our local store soon as we begin our remodels on our first home! Yeah! Talk to you later.

  3. Wow, I totally forgot to give you credit for telling me about the Habitat stores. 3 cheers for Chris!! Even more interesting: Most people I excitedly tell about the store say that they knew. Hello?? Let’s share the wealth people. We’ve been remodeling for about 2 years now.

  4. I found a really good book on building your own concrete countertops. I went through this exact same process this past spring. I would look for it on amazon, called “Concrete Countertops Made Simple”. Hope this helps!!

  5. You guys look totally hot!! Good luck with the countertop… this whole kitchen renovation really sucks huh?? Worth it in the end though!!

  6. Get me the address of that cute little grocery guy from Market Basket…I owe him a tip. Guess he never mentions the drink I bought him to make up for that.
    PS…don’t get a p/t job at Sonic, cause I don’t tip there either.
    I’m sticking my tongue out. 🙂

    AND OH, you should buy Chris and Lana a GREAT baby gift, or some groceries from Market Basket with the money she saved …hee hee

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