He’s an Aggie!!



As any of our Texas friends know, upon birth, every little Texan has a choice to make: Aggies or Longhorns.  Blake hasn’t been forthcoming on where he stood until today, when I pulled out the A&M colors, and he pulled out a Gig ‘Em!!  I was taking the picture to show you that I got shoes on him(see my shoe blog).  Hooray!!  And yes Jamie, the shoes are 6’s which would seem big, except he’s also in 24 month clothes.  So I guess he’s just big.  Turns out, the reason this MOTY couldn’t get shoes on her kid was because they were the wrong size.  DUH.  Anyways, I digress (all the time).  This is his first gig ’em, and he did it all on his own.  Which means he will be true to the Aggies no matter how much our football team sucks it up!  Unlike his daddy, the fair-weather fan.  😉

PS.  Seriously, you would think A&M could pull it together and produce a winning team.  What is that about??


3 thoughts on “He’s an Aggie!!

  1. that’s the cutest aggie to ever come out of an aggie 🙂
    seriously, I’m no coach or anything, but why can’t they get a winning team? Don’t alot of great players want to be Aggies?

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