Baby shoe help?

Ok, seriously.  What kind of mother can’t get shoes on her child?  Can anyone help me with this?  2 weeks ago I spent an hour in Target trying to distract him with toys in order to try shoes on him.  He hated it.  He would spread his toes so that I couldn’t get anything on him.  Maybe his feet are too fat for regular shoes?  I tried size 4, and size 5, and couldn’t get anything to work.  It was a MOTY moment, as I was on the floor, begging the yelling baby to let me get the shoes on him.  Shoes are fun!!  I just couldn’t get his little heel in.  I tried again today.  And tried.  And tried.  At least he didn’t scream about it this time.  That’s progress.  But still couldn’t get his heel in.  It was embarrassing trying to get him to stand up so I can finish cramming his foot in; he kept collapsing like those little string toys we used to have.  By the end I realized we were both rolling around on the floor and out of our 4 feet, only one foot had a shoe on it.  I don’t know what happened to mine.   So when I got home, I randomly chose a pair of shoes from his closet (Ethan’s old shoes that Belinda gave us).  I think they’re 7s (right Belinda?  The little Gap blue tennis shoes?).  And woohoo, I got them on!!  They’re only a tiny bit big.  Isn’t that really big for 11 month old?  What is the deal?  Could he have abnormally large feet?  He’s going to be walking before I figure out this stupid shoe thing.  Can someone just come over and shoe my baby?   Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Baby shoe help?

  1. I would think 7 is a little big 🙂 Asher is 19 months and that’s what he wears, but every baby is different of course. I say 86 the shoes and stick to Robeez until he is walking. Then go to Striderite and let them size his wiggly feet.

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