Boys are gross

Stu busted his finger up last night (he was catching a softball-they won), and all I can say is ew:

I know this isn’t some sort of major injury, but I have learned one thing for sure:  My backup career option as a nurse is definitely OUT.  He was up all night because of the pain (despite my fantastic rx cabinet, leftover drugs from delivery).  Around 2am I went in to check on him.  He began describing the throbbing pain and without even seeing it, I began to feel myself swoon.  Luckily, I made it to the bitchen in time (the bathroom kitchen-see the remodeling blogs), but it still took a good deal of time to get any color back in my face.  I am useless in an emergency.  I fear this could affect my Mother of the Year and Wife of the Century titles.  I talked to my doctor friends and it seems that the best solution for the pressure is still the old fashioned one- poke a hole in the fingernail and drain it.  UGH!!!  What are we, cavemen???  Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I won’t be able to tell you about it if it does.  Because I will be somewhere far away.  ewewewewewew.  And this, my friends, is why he should’ve spent his Friday night with me.  This wouldn’t happen over a candlelight lobster dinner, would it?  I rest my case.


3 thoughts on “Boys are gross

  1. Another example of your amazing skills in dealing with medical emergencies. Thus the first example being me passed out in our hallway and you calling Colleen instead of 911 and being worried about not having enough gas to get me to the ER. Ah, Memories!

  2. AHAHA! You don’t know how close I came to mentioning that exact incident! Yes, that was the beginning of a long line of me being dumbfounded and wanting to pass out when it’s supposed to be someone else’s emergency. If my dad or Kelli read this, they can offer their own examples. AND, oddly enough, I still call Colleen first. I already did today. lol Thank goodness she became a doctor so that I can reason away my ridiculous necessity to call her in the middle of a crisis.

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