Hairy Situation

So let’s visit the topic of hair.  I’m due for a haircut (I have been for about a month now).  I have been casually putting it off, mostly because now that I stay at home, I find it more difficult to spend money on myself.  But I went to lunch with a friend the other day, and she had just had her hair cut so very cute.  It made me very self conscience of my pitiful grown out haircut.  Last time I went for this cut:

This is a very cute cut, but the problem was way too many layers and unless you have a stylist with plenty of time to make them look like above, then you end up looking poofy and out of control.  I ended up with mom hair.  I’ve let this cut grow almost to my shoulders, in a effort to grow the shortest layer out some.  So this time I think I’ll go with a bob and less heavy layering.  And bangs!  Ta da:

And yes, it appears that one way or another I am determined to look just like Katie Holmes. 

So, tell me what you think (I may or may not listen).  And then, please let me know 1. Where I can get a free chi and 2. When you can babysit so I can go get said haircut.


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