Run, Mama, Run!!

The time has come to get serious.  I need to stop looking like a tired mommy.  I want to look like a runner.  Don’t laugh.  Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to start running again in order to look like one.  That part bums me out.  It’s not so much all the work that is bumming me out.  It’s the fact that just when I get my groove on, it is quite likely that I will get knocked up all over again and then I’m back where I started.  I suppose it’s better to start out ahead, right?  And the thing is (I know this is painfully obvious- but I still struggle with it), I’m not as young as I used to be.  I mean, I may not be in my 30’s like my husband (love ya!), but I’m getting there.  I used to be able to cut out carbs for a week and be back in a 4.  That is no longer the case, and I’m not even going to mention sizes anymore.  What I can tell you for sure is that my size 4 stuff is on ebay as we speak.  Anyways, I’m making this public for accountability purposes.  So people can say things like, hey, “how’s the running going?”  And, “looking good!!” 

I don’t want to hear more specific things like, “Are you sure you want that cake?”.  Just wanted to clarify.


One thought on “Run, Mama, Run!!

  1. People never tell you that after the baby, things never fit the same again. You can even get back to your pre-preg weight, yet somehow…it’s just not the same 😉

    I may write a chapter on that and submit it to the “What to Expect…” people because we really do need to get the word out there.

    ps–I added you to my blogroll. no pressure, I’m just saying…

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