I forgot that running was hard. 

But we’re ok.  I’m starting on the beginner’s running schedule, heading up to a 5k again.  If you’re already a runner, don’t be a running snob.  My body’s been through alot lately.  Gimme a break.  So I started Day 1 of the schedule today and just about made it through the first run/walk before the childcare lady walked up to tell me I had to come get my baby.  Why is he crying??  I know all about separation anxiety, blah, blah blah.  He’s been doing ok, but I guess he’s bothered by me leaving again.  What’s odd is that when I’m around, he sure doesn’t seem all that grateful.  But I guess him and I are much more attached than I give credit for.  I sure do have anxiety when we’re separated, so why shouldn’t he? 

Hopefully he’ll get better at childcare as I get better at running.  🙂


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