Nice to meet you, can you keep my baby?

I’m struggling with childcare.  I recently switched gyms, which means dealing with a new childcare.  I found out the other day that there has been an “incident” recently at one of the childcare locations belonging to the gym I just chose.  I’m not going to go into detail about the incident, but I will say that it is something that could, unfortunately, happen anywhere.  But of course, my first inclination is to yank my membership and never go to a gym again.  I’ve debated that maybe it’s not so bad to keep him in a bubble.  So what if he’ll be a tiny bit socially retarded?  He’ll be safe.  I want to protect him from everything.   It brings out a fierceness in me I didn’t know I had, and I’m positive it’s only begun (Stu calls it “Mama Bear Syndrome”).  So I’m going to have to draw the same conclusion I have had to draw with germs (which is has pretty much been the biggest “threat” to my baby so far).  I could drive myself nuts trying to protect him from everything.  A small amount of germs will help his body know how to deal with them.  Dealing with conflict in life will teach him how to deal with tough situations as well.  He has to be exposed to other people, kids, and social situations in order to know how to cope in life.  I can’t keep him from that because I can fear and imagine the worst.  There will come a point in every phase of his life, where I will have to put my faith in the God that made him and gave him to me.  I will have to trust Him to guide my insticts, so I can know the difference between paranoia and real intuition. 

What will I do when he starts school???


5 thoughts on “Nice to meet you, can you keep my baby?

  1. Realizing its not good to always harp on the childhood of my kids…..but remember the stories of baby D… well, o.k. she was nearly 2 the first time I left her in a daycare and came back to find her in tears with big teeth marks on the back of her arm and stomach. Daycare lady said she had cried the whole time…….. well DUH, she must have been bitten right away. I sat in the car outside the daycare, crying and apologizing to her for leaving her. Daycare workers were “sorry” but they couldn’t watch all the time!!! The term momma bear is all too true. Don’t mess with my babies!

  2. Even the mom’s that act so casual about the childcare usually have anxiety that they don’t have time to show or talk themselves into the fact that their child will be “fine” because they have to have the money or the workout or the time. Most of the time, the child will be fine.

    Intuition is real and you need to follow it.

    I left kids a few times places I didn’t feel comfortable and it was a mistake and other times I felt great and they did great. I can’t change those things, but I do thank goodness for finding this business of mine that you find so annoying 🙂 heehee. It reduced the amount of childcare I had to find.
    On the flip side, if you have that precious child with you 24/7, then when you get put in the funny farm, Stu will have to find full time childcare so he can work, anyway, so make sure you don’t go overboard and I’m sorry there is no secret formula.
    If God gave us all the answers, then we would depend on Him as much 🙂
    THIS AGAIN, is why parenting is so difficult and yet so rewarding when we see or feel our successes.
    We will talk about school when we get to that bridge. It’s required public childcare 🙂 Pros and cons 🙂
    I love you Mama Bear.
    I love my Mama Bear and the good news is that this “baby d” doesn’t remember the 2 year old event at daycare (maybe the 4 year old one ) hee hee

  3. Uh oh. You may not be allowed to be a room mother because you’ll always be disciplining Blake for chit-chatting with his friends while you’re supposed to be teaching scissor safety and making Valentine’s Day cards.

    Maybe you’ll just become really good friends with his teachers.
    I think that’s a good idea.

  4. Hey Kathy–This is Jamie (Bobbitt) Rives…Write on your wall or commment on your blog–those were my choices 🙂 And since I am slightly obsessed with blogs these days, I went this way. How are you?? Your little guy is adorable! I’ll enjoy catching up on with you by reading your blog! You can check mine out–it’s Hope all is well–Jamie

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