I must have missed the announcement…

…that today everyone was competing for the “Worst Customer Service” award.  Weird that I didn’t hear about it, but now I know.  Who won?  You be the judge. 

First, I tried to order pizza.  Did you know that now Dominos Pizza sends their calls to some sort of call center to take pizza orders?  It’s nearly impossible to talk to someone at the actual pizza place now.  I had to give my zip code to order.  So since we were having a severe language barrier, I had to finally hang up and rely on the internet to process my pizza order.  I was trying to ask the nuttiest question: “How much is a 2 topping large pizza?”  This is the first of many questions I asked today as a crazy consumer. 

Later, after my electronically ordered pizza, Kelli and I went to Lowe’s to start picking out tile flooring, backsplash, countertops, yada yada.  We spent an hour and a half in there and were never asked once if we needed any help (and I’m pretty sure we looked a little lost).  When trying to find out pricing for countertops, I finally found a guy sitting with a co-worker, chattin’ it up.  He seemed very annoyed with me, but decided to pull out his phone and run some calculations.  Not sure what that was about (ever heard of a price sheet?), but I’m pretty sure he miscalculated, because he said their cheapest laminate was twice the price of Home Depot’s.  He assured me this was true, so I was happy to have one decision already made for me. 

Lastly, and maybe the most interesting was the man at Home Depot.  I was really hoping that HD was going to shine today, btw.  But alas, while he was reluctantly pricing out different pieces of tile for me (because none of them were placed anywhere near their correct pricing in the aisle-hello??), I asked him to write the prices down for me.  And he said (I’m not kidding), “Does this look like the customer service desk to you?”.  What??  First of all, it did.  It was.  I was standing under a sign that read: “Service”.  So then I showed him the sign I was standing under and pointed out that the sign he was standing under read: “Customer Service is our first priority”.  Then I politely told him that given all of those signs, I actually was quiteconfused.  He did not acknowledge my befuddlment, priced my tile, and rung me up.  Next to the register was a sign that said, “If we don’t invite you to fill out our customer service survey, we’ll give you a free Coke”.  After I got my reciept I said, “Do you want to just give me the Coke so I don’t fill that out?”  And that, my friends, is how I got a free Coke today. 

So, all’s well that ends well!!


4 thoughts on “I must have missed the announcement…

  1. seriously Kathy, you are one of the coolest people I know. I agree with Sam! Gustav bypassed us and all is well here in Boremont. Thanks for the entertaining reading material while the world spins madly on. (which is an awesome song btw. The Weepies, check ’em out.) Love ya!

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