“I got scared at the last minute,” said Ollie Hilson, 54, of Marrero, a town on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Waiting for a bus, she had a single plastic grocery bag with a change of clothes and a few personal belongings, and waited with her two nieces and their four children, all under the age of 3. “I was worried about the kids. We just couldn’t stay.”

Can you imagine this?  I was reading the latest on the hurricane and came across this quote.  It’s not even that I’m unaware of the evacuation plans they have going on there and the fact that people are being bussed out by the city.  I realize this, I discussed this when Katrina happened.  In fact, I did (and still do) find it very annoying that people were told of the severity of that hurricane (Katrina) and chose to stay (many, many empty buses left that city while people stubbornly refused to take advantage of the assistance being offered by the city).  Yet they still blamed the city, the state, and even the president when nobody “rescued” them from their homes after the storm.  We are such a spoiled country, so expectant that the government should bail us out of all our problems, even acts of God.  Please don’t misunderstand, I am not without sympathy for the terrible catastrophe that was Post Katrina.  And I am certainly not claiming that the people there got what they deserved.  No one deserves what they went through.  In fact, I am far from my point.  I read the article above and realized just how little perspective I have when it comes to being in a situation where you are forced to evacuate and have nowhere to go and no way to get there.  I honestly don’t even personally know anyone who would be in that kind of position-someone who doesn’t even have a car or family to help them- and yet there are hundreds of thousands of those people feeling very scared and displaced right this very minute.  They had to pack a few belongings (the city has to severely limit baggage), and not know exactly where they are going or, even worse, when they are getting back to their homes.  They will most likely be camping out in a crowded school or coliseum somewhere and be at the mercy of the many volunteers working around the clock to help.  I just want to remind all of my friends who are sitting comfortably in their homes reading this (or even those of you who have evacuated to a friend or family’s home, or are in a nice hotel room) to say a prayer for those people who are spending the night in a strange place.  They are probably anxious and lonely, especially those people trying to take care of their nervous children on top of everything.  God Bless!!


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