Rain, rain go away

We just sent Stu’s mom home early because of Massive Hurricane Gustav that is considering taking out a state or 2 tomorrow.  If she didn’t make it out today, she would have been stuck here for quite sometime, there’s really no telling what we can expect.  It is very difficult to be so far from your family at times like this.  Not that I would prefer to join in on the mandatory evacuation, but I feel so helpless here.  My home is right in the path at the moment.  Not that anyone seems to really know where it might go.   All my Beaumont friends are all scattered and temporarily stranded.  Except my parents, who are still sitting at home last I checked.  Don’t get me started Mom.  I’ll be writing more soon, but we are still so overwhelmed with the kitchen project today.  Trust me, I have alot to say about several things.  Shocking.


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