Despite my best efforts…

…He crawled!!!  My stationary baby is now mobile!  His Migi (Stu’s mom) has shown him freedom.  I keep joking that I’ve been loosening the lid all this time (ok, well, Daina has), and she came over and popped it right off.  I can’t lie, I have not been one of those moms teaching and teaching and begging him to crawl.  He’s 10 months old, so it’s not like all is lost or anything if he’s not crawling.  And frankly, I like that when I leave a room, he’s still where I left him when I come back.  I’ve been pretty convinced that he would never crawl, just skip right on to walking.  So convinced that I haven’t even put up any baby gates or those plug thingies or cabinet doohickies or anything!  I have to get busy.  I know, MOTY.  I’m proud.  And kinda sad.  hmph.  I tried to put the video up but can’t get it to work.  Saaaaaaaaaaaaam!


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