Toshiba status update

Everyone calm down, she may have some life in her yet!!  The picture has been totally fine today.  I still suspect that she’s on her way down, but maybe the death will be extremely slow (like, until Christmas when we can request a new one) and hopefully painless for poor Toshi.  I really resent having to buy a new tv for the living room when we were already trying to budget for a small one in the kitchen and our bedroom.  Now we want THREE new tvs!  Geez.  And I fancied myself someone who wasn’t even a tv person.  Oh, who am I kidding.


4 thoughts on “Toshiba status update

  1. Like I said, request the plasma or LCD HD tvs, they are WONDERFUL. PLus if Stuart ever decides he wants to play Halo again, a large HD tv is perfect. Lana and I love our Halo! 🙂

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