I just made coffee in the bathroom.

Just when Blake thinks he has things figured out.  It was weird.  The kitchen is now completely dysfunctional.  The fridge is still plugged in though, and the microwave, so I suppose that was a mild exaggeration.  But no countertops, which proved difficult while I tried to make my coffee -and we only have a pedestal sink in the bathroom so I guess the coffeepot’s new home is the back of the toilet (coffee is pretty much the top priority for me when morning comes).  It reminds me of the Seinfeld when George brings the book in the bathroom then tries to return it.  Anyways, we’ll have to put up pictures of the stripped kitchen soon, because I know you are dying to see it (and HGTV will be beating down my door to make a show out of it).  Stu’s mother is coming in today to help with Blake so that we can make some real headway on building these cabinets.  Hopefully, we will make IKEA proud.  Anyways, I gotta go make myself Productive Polly.  There is much to do before the MIL arrives!


2 thoughts on “I just made coffee in the bathroom.

  1. You could also make a high energy drink using tap-water with instant coffee mixed with instant chocolate power … it is a possibility … no heating required … ;=)

    Take a few pictures so in a few years, maybe 40+ with your grand kids, you can say, “I remember when…” On the positive side…at least you are not outside trying to get a fire started to make coffee while Blake is trying to play with the dogs, cats or squirrels … 🙂

  2. Oh my dear friend. I wish I could bring you coffee in the am so that you didn’t have to put the coffee maker on the back or your toilet. I guess we could add countertops to our own personal GIF books. We take for granted so many things — even nice clean countertops. 🙂

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