RIP Toshiba 36 inch

So the other day our friend OC was over helping with our kitchen renovation (he got tricked too), and he was commenting on our place.  He noted that as we work through the house, everything is so new and beautiful- except our big tube tv.  He told us it was time for a flatscreen.  I took offense (naturally) and told him that I am not so materialistic that I need to go out and replace a perfectly good tv, with something fancier and shinier.  This evening, I turned the tv on and watched the screen shrink to something like a 19inch.  It’s not looking good.  Kelli assured me that this is definitely what a dying television looks like.  We’re not sure how long she’ll make it (the tv, Kelli’s fine), but I guess we should say our goodbyes.  I’m super annoyed though, because our tv isn’t even all that old.  We bought it 5 years ago!  My parents have been using the same sad old tv for, like, 15 years!  I really, really feel like saying, “they don’t make them like they used to”, but I fear being dated.  Anyways, we accept donations if anyone feels sorry for us and considers lack of tv a worthy cause.  Mom?  🙂 (who needs a cruise Mom, when you could come up here and watch a big old new tv!)


7 thoughts on “RIP Toshiba 36 inch

  1. My magic head-shrinking pixie dust must have spilled on top of your tv Sunday night, woops! I was trying to help move along the process!

  2. Well I think it is finally time for you move into the realm of people who have cool new TVs. As you know Lana bought me a new TV for my graduation present, and I love it! I try not to be materialistic as well but who can resist football, baseball, and MLS soccer in HD. (All 50 glorious inches of HD that is.) So when you are ready to make the plunge, I would definitely suggest a Samsung. Besides kids and marriages and what not, HD plasma TVs are the greatest. 🙂 (I’m being facetious of course)

  3. You guys…..why… when I was a kid we watched SNOW move around the screen, top that!!! Now you think if you can’t see all the nose hairs you’re missing out on the world. Honest to goodness… I saw a big named star… o.k. Jack Nicholson… with a slightely runny nose the other day !!!!!!! WHOOOAA.. and again, top that!!

    Yes, I have tv’s that are adaptable to rabbit ears but they still work and new fancy one we bought about 5 years ago is toast. Go figure.

    K, I love your new blog. Tried to write in it yesterday and hit something that wiped out the whole page so I left in disgust.

  4. OHHH one more thing is the big new tricked out fancy smancy tv going in the cave???? 🙂 Just wondering if the cruise was going to be worth it

  5. Why, Kathryn Hill! Here you are waxing poetically about priorities, and you’re leaving me stuck with a 17-inch TV perched atop my microwave?! Hello!? The charitable thing to do would be to buy the new flatscreen, but give it to me!

  6. I agree with Alix. This is much more important than you think. A child’s development is strongly supported by Sesame Street and that’s not on the radio, ya know? Tell Migi, that I’m an Early Childhood Specialist with a degree (scarey, right?) But worth a try!!!
    And tell your mom, honestly the cave MAY not compare to the cruise, but I could be wrong.

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