If you look in my “about section”, you will see that I have sarcastically awarded myself with Mother of the Year, and Wife of the Century Awards and you might occasionally see me elaborate on my merits in those areas.  I don’t know which this falls under.  I’m so careful to be a coupon clipper and sale watcher.  I try to do my part to help, since I certainly don’t do anything to contribute to our financial situation (well, except save us a fortune in daycare).  I do, however, buy the expensive yobaby yogurt for Blake, which annoys me in itself-why does it have to cost a fortune just to get yogurt that isn’t chemically manufactured!!??  I’ll save that for another blog.  Anyways, I bought the stupid yogurt yesterday, came home, and in my rush to put B down for his nap, left it sitting on the counter in the grocery sack.  I found it this morning.  I guess if it had been chemically manufactured it would probably still be good at this point.  So now I have to not only spend the money again, but tote him into the grocery store to get it (I try to really minimize those trips).  I know it’s a little thing, but I annoy myself sometimes.


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