I love the obnoxious abbreviations that have come through text messaging.  Even though sometimes I think they get a little carried away; its a challenge, and who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge?  You get to sit and wonder for awhile what someone has just said about you.  In Sam’s blog, it took me alittle while to figure out IRL (I hope it’s “in real life”).  Stu and I crack ourselves up talking around the house.  We crack ourselves up anyways, its probably just us.  I digress.   No, I didn’t forget the T for TGIF (its not friday anyways people).  It stands for God is Faithful.  A few years ago Stu’s parents gave us a journal, a GIF journal.  They encouraged us to start writing down those moments in our lives where God has proven faithful, by answering a prayer, giving a blessing (big or small), and basically just showed His hand in our meager little lives.  I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt that remembering to be thankful for what we are given is key in our happiness on this planet.  We all need perspective from time to time in order to remember that life is good, God does love us and want to give us good things.  These are important things to remember when life doesn’t seem good, it seems difficult and trying.  God doesn’t promise that He will spare us those moments, but He does promise to never leave us.  So back to the book.  Stu has been better about writing in it than have, he’s kinda made it his thing.  This morning while I was cleaning our room (sometimes I do), I saw it and opened it up.  I was already feeling like it was one of those luxuriously beautiful days anyways, but this was an additional upper.  SO many wonderful, amazing blessings!!  I’ve decided to make GIF a regular blog in order to remind myself, and others to be thankful.  So for today’s GIF, I am thankful for this amazing day.  Summer is starting to ease into fall and it feels FABULOUS outside.  I have the windows open and the air conditioner off.   My sweet chubbo boy (Thank you God, what a blessing in himself!) has taken a nice long nap and allowed me to get so much done this morning.  I got 10 hours of sleep last night (that’s right), and I feel so refreshed!!  I hope the fact that we document these blessings helps me through those moments that I would rather NOT document.  I hope it helps you too.


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