Wrestling with a Pig

My sister can’t stop laughing at me because Blake has started having his first temper tantrums.  I don’t know why anyone would think that whole, “Now you know what I’ve been going through all these years” snicker helps the situation.  He’s only 10 months old, so I’m pretty perplexed.  It’s also perplexing because up to this point, he has truly been such a perfect baby.  He very very rarely cries, and when he does we usually figure out that there was a good reason for it.  He’s just so content, and so darn fun!  But now he’s getting opinionated.  For the last couple of days its just been some kicking during diaper changes, and yelling at me when I tell him no.  But tonight he had a full blown, red-in-the-face tantrum.  It makes him mad when he has to stop what he’s doing for a diaper change.  I guess he’s discovering so much independence that he sees laying on the floor like that as something he did when he was incapable of everything else.  Once he could sit up, he wanted to do it all the time.  Now that he can stand, he wants to do that all the time.  So laying down really ticks him off now that he’s tasted such freedom.  Up until today I’ve been doing all this reasoning with him, distracting him, telling him “no”, blah blah blah.  In fact, yesterday Stu heard Blake “talking back” (basically I tell him “no” when he kicks at me, and he grunts and kicks harder-ugh), so he comes around the corner to do the “daddy” thing.  You know, “don’t talk to your mother like that”.  He almost stopped his fit just to laugh at us for a moment.  I guess this is all so weird because I thought I had fantastic ideas about what a great disciplinarian I was going to be (see my Mother of the Year award), but I wasn’t picturing a baby when I came up with these scenarios.  I had someone who could be reasoned with in mind.  Soanyways, today in church, pastor was talking about dealing with unreasonable people, and he said the most profound thing.  “You can wrestle with a pig, but you’ll just get dirty and the pig will enjoy it”.  This is good advice for many situations, but I decided that surely trying to reason with and discipline a 10 month old having a tantrum must look something like wrestling a pig.  So tonight I just held him down and finished changing the diaper, I didn’t acknowledge the tantrum at all.  MAN, that pissed him off!  It got ugly, turned into  those crying hiccups.  I hated it, but maybe he’ll get the picture soon.  When I picked him up from the change, he snuggled me in the sweetest way.  I guess he needed some comfort after all that trauma.  He was really sweet for the rest of the night.  Maybe he’s apologizing and it will never, ever happen again!  Thank goodness I’ve figured it all out now.  Whew.


One thought on “Wrestling with a Pig

  1. I love the blog already! We speak the same language, and it is so comforting. Great name too “View from the Hills” — clever and catchy. Isn’t parenting the best and most perplexing thing ever! Well, I am glad you figured it all out, now can you tell me how to get my almost two year old to sleep? Thanks, your awesome — I will even make you a coke float as payment. 🙂

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