I’m on it

It’s blog time people.  It’s weird and maybe a little narcissistic how so many of us write all about ourselves and our opinions, but it’s basically public journaling, right?  And I’ve really been having so much fun reading everyone else’s; its better than tv.  Not to mention that my fans are beating down my e-door to hear what I have to say about life.  So for my very first entry, I will applaud my most active, interesting blogger, Sambo (http://www.lolsam.com/)  Hopefully by the time I enter this I will have figured out how to link his page to mine.  I’m not an idiot, but Sam helped me set up my blog, and I’m one of those people who gladly accepts help, but really only learns by doing.  So now I feel like I need him for everything blog related.  We met Sam through Erin, when they were just wee highschoolers, and I’ve gotten to watch both of them come a long way, and I’m pretty proud of both of them.  They hang out around here when they are home from college.  Hopefully they’ll come back again, even though we made them literally load and unload our entire kitchen cabinet set from IKEA today.  I think they felt like they got tricked into that.  They did.  And I’m pretty sure they don’t consider a coke float to be appropriate payment for that kind of work.  Sorry guys.   


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